Campsite rules

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Campsite rules

All visitors to TT camping Paasloo are deemed to have read and accepted the camping rules.

1. Always follow the instructions of the campsite owner.
2. You must first report to the reception.
3. It is not allowed to place your tent or camper in places other than indicated.
4. A maximum speed of 10 km/h applies at the campsite.
5. Cars must be parked in the designated place.
6. On departure from the camping site, the camping site is checked. The camping site must be left clean. If burn marks (bbq) have occurred, repair costs will be charged.
7. If you want to be admitted to the campsite, you accept possible control of your vehicle and trailer.
8. Refrigerators, dispensers, electric heating elements, aggregates, bars, benches, other large furniture, sound systems and other equipment not for overnight accommodation is not allowed.
9. Barbecue on coals and gas is allowed provided the equipment is only used for barbecue.
10. Firing or arson is not allowed. The camping owner provides a fire in brandton at the communal tent.
11. Fireworks are not allowed.
12. Keep the campsite clean and use the waste containers that are available on the campsite.
13. Smoking is not allowed in the WC / washrooms.
14. Visitors/day guests are not allowed to consume their own food and drinks on the campsite without a reservation. Of course, this does not apply to camping guests with a reservation.
15. It is not allowed to consume your own food and drinks in and around the Paasloo tent.
16. From 1 am to 8 am, the necessary rest should prevail at the campsite. With the exception of Friday and Saturday night, it should be quiet from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.
17. Anyone who does not comply with the camping rules can be removed at any time by the camping owner without refund of the camping fee.
18. Entering the campsite is entirely at your own risk.
19. The campsite owner can never be held liable for damage as a result of theft, fire, medical injury, weather conditions, etc.
20. You must leave the campsite on Monday before 12:00 noon.

We are an official TT campsite.

Please respect our house rules and do not jeopardize Camping Paasloo's permit.